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Titleist 909 Driver Review

Titleist has long been a name associated with the upper echelon of golf. A no-nonsense brand catering to the player who takes his game seriously and whose results show it, they have never been famous for their game improvement line. Titleist makes clubs for the player whose game has already improved and wants a stick that can take advantage of his skills.

The Titleist 909 driver line fits right into this heritage. Built to allow the low handicapper to dial into specific launch trajectories and spin rates, this is not the club for the unexamined swing. Three models (D2, D3 and DComp) offer variations on these characteristics that the swing-and-pray set will simply not recognize when flailing.

The pros, on the other hand, get it. The club has been received very well on Tour, with Zach Johnson being among the notables choosing it for their big bopper. He is perhaps the perfect spokesperson for this club, because like him the club is not flashy or sleek or sexy. (Sorry ladies. Zach might be cute, but sexy?) Fitting the Titleist tradition, the club is a classic design and delivers a classic “thwack” at impact. The D2 and D3 are all titanium head designs at 460cc and 440cc respectively, while the DComp is, surprise surprise, a mixed material carbon/titanium blend 460cc model designed to achieve a higher launch and slightly more spin than the other two offerings. Each club is matched up with suitably high-end shafts, using Diamana or Aldila on the D2 and D3 and Ozik on the DComp.

If launch angle and spin rates are not the focus of your practice time on the driving range, the subtleties of this line of drivers may well escape you, and the club won’t stop you in your tracks as you pass by the Titleist rack at your favorite golf emporium, seeking the coolest addition to your jazz bag. This is a serious piece of golf equipment for the serious golfer, with nuances that only he will understand.

But in the hands of those truly in the know, this may well be the club of the year...but you better bring your "A" game.

Is your game up to the Titleist 909?  Check out our selection of Titleist drivers...that is if you think you can handle them.

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