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TaylorMade R9 Driver Review

If Walter Mitty was a golf club, he would be the Taylor Made R9 driver. Designed to be the most adaptable, adjustable stick off the tee, this is the ultimate piece of golf club paraphernalia so far created for the terminal tweaker.

If you want an introduction to all the tech innovations brought to bear on the driver in the last 5 years, now you need to buy only one club to satisfy your curiosity. With the incorporation of three adjustable weights spread out across the back of the head, the chronic heel striker can shift the sweet spot of the head to make heel striking a positive benefit. Got a slice that you simply can’t master? Simply remove the shaft and adjust its rotation to overcome your pesky lack of technique.

What does all this technology add up to? For the experienced ball striker, the club can be set up fairly quickly to take advantage of the strengths the player brings to his game, but it might be the casual golfer that can really get the most mileage out of this chameleon of a big stick. Since many weekend warriors have never gone through the process of being fitted properly for clubs, the Taylor Made R9 provides the opportunity to tinker and tinker until the proper setup of the club is stumbled upon, either by random elimination of options or a more scientific process of experimentation.

The fact is, given a consistently applied swing Taylor Made claims a 75-yard wide target adjustment. That is a tremendous amount of variety, and the changes can be made with enough subtlety to find a great setup for almost any level of game. Since the average golfer may not have as much intimate knowledge of exactly how their swing influences their scorecard, it may be this demographic that stands to see the most improvement by finding the perfect setup of the R9, which otherwise would require a very expensive trial and error process of many different drivers.

For $300-$400, the Taylor Made R9 may be the ultimate game improving driver on the market. Check out our selection of TaylorMade Drivers and see if you can find the perfect stick for your game this summer.

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