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TaylorMade r7 Limited Review

Balance is the keyword with this new addition to the legendary TaylorMade r7 Driver lineup. The variable thickness of the Taylor Made r7 Limited clubface creates a widened sweet spot allowing for more distance and accuracy when you happen to hit the ball off-center (ya we know this never happens right?).


Like the other R7's, the limited uses movable weight technology to counter balance that dreaded hook or deadly slice...or just give you an advantage on those nasty dog leg holes.  The one thing I really liked about this driver is how fluid the shaft felt when swinging and when connecting with the ball...the flight path the ball took was beautiful.

Bottom Line - This is a perfect club for a beginner golfer or a player that tends to spray the ball all over the course. If you are a little more accurate you may want to check out the Adams Speedline Driver which gives you a some more distance but less forgiveness.

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