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Mizuno MP-630 Fast Track Review

Mizuno "Slides" Into The Future

What’s the fast track to golfing success? If I knew that I’d be typing for the big money, but once a golfer has achieved a certain level of consistency, equipment can take you to the next level. The Mizuno MP-630 Fast Track driver is a game improvement club perfectly suited for the player ready to make strides toward a more predictable and effective first swipe on a long hole.

The Fast Track system by Mizuno has been around for a couple of seasons, but it has been refined with this new introduction. The MP-630 has ten distinct positions for the two 8 gram club head weights that slide in a track on the sole of the club, giving a whopping total of 45 positions to experiment with to find the perfect setup for any golfer. Now you can not only shape your shot but adjust your trajectory as well. The pear shaped head is designed for optimum power, while the slightly less than maxed out 445cc size makes the club a little less intimidating for the weekend whacker, allowing for a more confident swing.

Mizuno has used their proprietary Hot Metal Ti9 titanium clubface technology to deliver the energy of the swing efficiently to the back of the ball, and patented Coretech construction that utilizes different thicknesses along the face help to make the club far more forgiving on less than perfectly centered wallops. Inside the club head, the support substructures create a satisfying sound and feel when connecting on that sweet long ball.

Mizuno has paired this whiz of a club head with the Mitsubishi Fubuki graphite shaft and offers the model in 8.5, 9.5 and 10.5 degree lofts. The unavailability of higher lofts is not such a big drawback, as the adjustments in the Fast Track system can have a huge influence on the trajectory of ball flight. The white shaft against the predominantly black head with just a splash of red gives the club a modern and sexy look that will spruce up any bag.

So far, the club has not attained a huge amount of traction in the crowded driver market. Demand has been low, and as a result prices have remained high. If you don’t have almost $500 to throw at a big stick, keep shopping. They aren’t giving this baby away, however you can find some great deals right here on Mizuno Drivers both new and used.

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