Today's drivers are large, long and jacked full of new technology. We're here to help you discover the perfect driver so you can launch the ball a mile.

Illegal Golf Drivers

So what exactly makes a golf driver illegal? Essentially it is the spring and spin that the club gives the ball during contact which is of concern to the United States Golf Association (USGA).

They refer to it as COR or coefficient of restitution and the USGA puts a capon the amount of COR a driver can have at .830, it use to be .860 but they reduced the amount this past January.  So if the club you are using of the tee's is on this Non Conforming Driver List then you my friend are playing with a stacked deck so to speak. I don't recognize too many of the clubs on the list so don't worry you are probably safe. The fact is there are enough long hitting drivers on the market today that you really don't have to go as far as getting an illegal one.

The question is do this clubs actually help you or hurt you.  Many pro's will tell you that for the average amateur these clubs will actually hurt your game since they will only expose your weaknesses in your drive and you'll have an even worse slice or hook than with a legal driver.  And if you do happen to improve your drive will just be a false measurement of your game since not much skill was required.

Its not like your everyday Joe is going to get kicked off the public city course for using one of these monster drivers so go ahead and use one for novelty reasons but don't expect it to improve your game much and for the love of Pete never use one of these clubs in tournament play. So if you are looking to improve your game and not just boost your ego with a 300 yard bomb then stay away from these illegal golf drivers.

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