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Cleveland Hibore Monster XLS | Driver Review

This club is great if you have the habit of hitting the ball off-center as it has a tendancy to self correct this type of off-center hit.

If you've ever hit a Cleveland Hibore before you may be familiar with the loud pop and the air it gives the ball off the tee...well the loud pop is gone with the new Cleveland Hibore Monster but it still hits major league pop fly's...expect monster air if you decide to go with the Hibore Monster.


Unlike the over-popular Callaway Drivers you see all over the country club...this Hibore Mosnter has a HUGE sweet spot that is as forgiving as you will find in any golf club.

MOI (moment of inertia) is key in this club and it basically means its resistent to twisting at the moment of impact..this is essential in hitting a straight ball and keeping miss-hits under wraps.

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1 comment to Cleveland Hibore Monster XLS | Driver Review

  • Ken Johnstone

    No..Not for me. I purchased this new driver from Cleveland as I’ve owned the original Hi-Bore XLS for the past 18 months or so and have been very impressed with it. (I once went 5 rounds without missing a fairway!) This “new” larger-headed version simply doesn’t cut it for me. Too difficult to hit. Doesn’t “sit” well at address, and *WAY* too many off-fairway drives. Also no improvement in distance over the original model. In my opinion, just a way for Cleveland to milk the outstanding success of the original model.

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