Today's drivers are large, long and jacked full of new technology. We're here to help you discover the perfect driver so you can launch the ball a mile.

Cleveland CG Black Driver Review

Cleveland Golf started 40 years ago making high-end replicas of classic golf clubs. It first ventured into high-tech designs in the 1990s, but players balked at the radical look. Such a reaction seems rather quaint these days. Players are teeing it up with clubs that look straight out of a military hardware catalog.

There has been [...]

Cleveland Launcher DST Review

Build it light for a longer flight. A lighter club means greater club head speed which will propel your ball further down the fairway. This basic principle is at the heart of Cleveland’s Sub 300g technology, and the Launcher DST brings it all together.

Beware, though, as this is not the big bopper for the newbie. [...]